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Chi Rho/XP
Youth FAQs
Creekwood Youth at Work

When do youth groups meet? Youth groups meet most Sundays from 4 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. This may vary due to holidays, school calendars or occassional Saturday events.

Who can come to youth group meetings?
Youth in the appropriate grades. Everyone is welcome, no matter what! We ask only three things—every person must be allowed to be safe, welcome and loved. That’s it.

Who’s in charge of all this?
We have a Youth Oversight Team that oversees the Youth programs at Creekwood. Each youth group has adult sponsors who lead programming, plan the groups, and create relationships with youth who attend.

How are sponsors selected and trained?
Sponsors are called by the Youth Oversight Team. Sponsors undergo background checks and child protection training on a schedule set by the Youth Oversight committee, and through the year work together in groups to provide meaningful relationships and activities for youth.

Are friends welcome? Can I just show up? Do I have to be a Disciple, or baptized, or really sure of my faith to attend?
In order: yes, please, and no.

How do I become a part of the group? What if I come and my parents don’t?
You become a part of the group by being a part of the group—show up, be yourself, participate, be yourself, and that’s it. We will likely ask for your contact info so we can keep you informed of events and such. Youth will also be asked to return with an authorization form signed by parents so we know who to contact if problems happen.

I have a thousand questions.
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